Shell Gamechanger innovation programme awards Dynelectro €0.5 million

We are pleased to announce a collaborative agreement for the provision of a proof of concept between Shell and Dynelectro. This partnership underscores our shared commitment to driving innovation in the #hydrogen space.

Together, we aim to make significant advancements within clean energy solutions. See the small intro video from Shell below.

Shell GameChanger Grant Motivation:

A problem worth solving

The production cost of green fuels is substantially higher than that of fossil fuels. Low-temperature electrolysis technology have moderate efficiency. High-temperature electrolysis have high efficiency, but limited lifetime and capacity for dynamic operation. Dynamic operation is needed for conversion of intermittent renewable power to fuels.

Our solution

Our solution prolongs lifetime and dynamic operation capacity for high-temperature electrolysis. The technology also improves impurity tolerance and enables construction of larger and more cost efficient electrolyser modules.

What we deliver to the GameChanger programme

We will design and construct a container-based dynamic electrolysis unit (DEU) prototype that can produce 20 kg of green hydrogen per day. The DEU prototype will be used to demonstrate how our technology enables dynamic operation of large modules.

Why Shell makes a difference for Dynelectro

The GameChanger project allows us to verify our technology on an early prototype. Having Shell in the consortium potentially provides access to funding for upscaling the technology as well as possibilities for commercial collaboration with other companies in the value chain.

Customer Benefits

  • Customer: Power-To-X plant integrators
  • Benefits: Reduced degradation, improved impurity tolerance, dynamic operation of larger stacks and modules.
  • Interest in our Technology: High-temperature electrolysis companies have paid for AC:DC testing of their hardware. A global integrated utilities and energy developer has performed due diligence on our technology and organisational capabilities and accepted our invitational-only bid under the ‘novel innovation application’.

Addressable market and go-to market strategy

Dynelectro plans to develop Dynamic Electrolyser Units (DEU) for Power-to-X applications.

Our go-to-market strategy is to develop containerized 1-20 MW DEUs for Power-to-X based biogas-to-methanol production and take orders on 1 MW DEUs in 2024. Once upscaled to 20 MW we will continue upscaling and begin focusing on Ammonia production.

Addressable market is 1GW, circa 1% of EU targets for green hydrogen.

Entry barriers

The high production price of high-temperature electrolysis hardware is a current entry barrier to large-scale Power-to-X markets.

However, the high-temperature electrolysis market is rapidly upscaling. The EU has secured agreements with leading manufacturing firms to meet this growing demand. We have one partnership in place and several others under consideration. These industrial partners have both market share and access to capital.